Every once in awhile, it’s good to say who we are. Good for us, good for new readers and continuing ones. So let’s start at the very root with something called “permaculture.” Every expression of a Transition Town (and there are over 1400 in the world) looks different on the outside but on the inside, in head and heart, a TT is rooted in permaculture applied to all human systems and all aspects of life.
Simply put, permaculture is a way of thinking about how we are to be in the world in ways that learn from nature and help us creatively re-design our environment and our behavior for a world of less energy and fewer resources. Permaculture calls for earth care, people care and fair share, values also found in most traditional societies. Permaculture principles can be summed up as:

1. Observe and interact
2. Catch and store energy
3. Obtain a yield
4. Apply self-regulation and respond to feedback
5. Use renewable resources
6. Produce no waste
7. Design from pattern to details
8. Integrate rather than segregate
9. Use small and slow solutions
10. Use and value diversity
11. Use the edges
12. Creatively use and respond to change
Intrigued? We’ll continue this series in upcoming issues.

If you see a place for you in the TTP Operating Collective (at left) or in any other way,
CONTACT Dave Sumner, Volunteer Support bodgerdave.sumner@gmail.com 905-515-3179

Yes, Transition Town Peterborough invites you to transform the world, starting with your own community!

Transition Town Peterborough Operating Collective

Board of Directors:
Chair: Cheryl Lyon, Secretary: Linda Briden, Treasurer: Tyson Shennett, Directors: Chris Bocking, Andrea Connell, Fred Irwin, Dave Sumner, Guy Hanchet

Kawartha Loon Exchange Board of Governors:
Chair: Fred Irwin, Secretary: Guy Hanchet,
Members: Michael Bell, Heather Ray, Brooke Taylor, David Green, Derry O’Byrne, Chris Bocking

Community Greenzine:
Publisher: Transition Town Peterborough, Production: Knowabout Peterborough, Business Manager Fred Irwin Advertising Sales: Andrea Connell,
Compilation & Editing: the Greenzine Editorial Collective

Local Food Guide
Publisher: Transition Town Peterborough; Business Manager: Fred Irwin; Editorial Collective: The Greenzine Editorial Collective

Purple Onion Festival Organizing Committee:
Event Manager: Andrea Connell, Treasurer: Fred Irwin Local Farmer &Vendor Registration: Andrea Connell Caterer Bookings: Guenther Schubert
Public relations/Media, Promotions: Andrea Connell Entertainment/Emcee: Michael Bell, Deb Draper

Dandelion Day Organizing Committee:
Event Managers: Andrea Connell, Craig Niziolek, Operations Manager : Craig Niziolek, Treasurer: Fred Irwin; Practitioner Registration: Janet Hogeboom; Vendor Registration: Andrea Connell; Public relations/Media, Promotions: Andrea Connell,; Entertainment: Craig Niziolek Tour De Lion Committee: Chef Marshall Eckler, Craig Niziolek & Andrea Connell

Local Food Month:
A partnership between Transition Town Peterborough (Cheryl Lyon, Chris Bocking) and Farms at Work (Pat Learmonth and FAW staff) .

Monthly Meet Ups: Margaret Slavin

Volunteer Support: David Sumner

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