The Ecological Mind: Meditation on a Blue Jay - Jan. 7, 2020

"During a lengthy stay in Newfoundland's southwest coast, I was privileged to be part of a conversation that included a fisherman... While we talked, a blue jay landed on a post close by...." (click here to read full blog post)

Chair's Report - Dec. 6, 2019

"A Chair’s job at an Annual General Meeting is to reflect on our past year together and to look at key changes that may affect us as an organization - insofar as anyone in these unpredictable times can see into the future! Reflecting on our past year, I invite us, for just a moment now, to note that Transition Town Peterborough (TTP) is entering a 2nd decade (!) of its unique offering to climate adaptation responses, namely, Economic Localization..."(click here to read full blog post)