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2022 Purple Onion Festival Cancelled 

It is with saddened hearts, Transition Town Peterborough has decided to cancel this year's Purple Onion Festival due to ongoing logistic issues with the City of Peterborough. The last minute demands made by the city have made it impossible to continue this year's festival. We look forward to working with council and staff to eradicate and streamline the process for next year.

Further, it is our position that, unrealistic hurdles put forth by the city, along with their lack of co-operation or any attempt to help resolve, rather than hinder the process, are also deterrents for others to attempt to stage similar community events. Community involvement is at the heart of every healthy city.

It also came to our attention that, as much of the infrastructure is left in the Millennium Park overnight, the presence of the homeless in the park at night has created a heightened risk of vandalism, and forced a major supplier to rethink and ultimately withdraw from the event due to their concern with working with the City. This situation evolved despite the good intentions of the festival planning team to highlight the homeless issue through the showing of the PATH Tiny Home, and to tie homelessness to the local food security issue identifying both as serious outcomes of the Climate Crisis Emergency that now engulfs us all.

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Transition Town Peterborough is a volunteer, non-profit organization founded in 2007. Our mission is: to adapt to the effects of climate change in Peterborough City-County, Hiawatha First Nation & Curve Lake First Nation.

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"NOW IS THE TIME ! builds on the real time experience of Transition Town Peterborough Inc., Canada's First Transition Town, now in its 15th year. It embraces the Transition Towns Model  with permaculture as its operating system. It further develops The 4E's Framework of Energy, Economics, Environment, and Equity ( both social and economic) focused on life essentials, all directed towards building more resilient communities.  The book finishes with a number of permaculture regenerative systems including the Transitions Neighbourhoods Project designed  to enhance and empower us to build our local communities for life in the Climate Crisis Long Emergency."


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