Welcome to Transition Town Peterborough (TTP)!
We're glad you stopped by for a visit.

TTP is a volunteer, non-profit organization founded in 2007. Our mission is simple: to adapt to the effects of climate change in Peterborough City-County, Hiawatha First Nation and Curve Lake First Nation.

We do this by making our community more environmentally and economically resilient, resourceful, self-sufficient, and less dependent on damaging fossil fuels in the essentials of life - food, water, energy, culture, and wellness.

We're not one of a kind. There are more than 1,400 Transition Towns worldwide doing similar work. What marks Transition Town Peterborough is our emphasis on localizing those 5 essentials of life: food, water, energy, culture and wellness.

In short, we are a platform for people like you to share ideas, practices, knowledge and passion. Help us create a community rooted in environmental and economic resilience.

It can be depressing and overwhelming to hear – and see – the negative effects of climate change. But there are positive things we can do to make a world of difference in our own community! We hope you'll join us in transition because... together we can!

What We Do

TTP organizes special festivals and events to celebrate local food, culture, wellness and green energy. We share ideas and promote the importance of 'climate-smart' living. We lobby governments to consider 'green' policies and plans that support environmental sustainability.
We urge people to support local food and farmers. We encourage 'buy local' and add real currency (the Kawartha Loon) to create a vibrant local economy. We promote neighbourhoods that are more connected to each other, but less plugged in to fossil fuels.

We do this and much more, including such initiatives as:

- Purple Onion Festival (celebrating local food and culture)
- Dandelion Day (celebrating healthy lifestyles)
- Kawartha Loon Exchange
- Local Food Month in September
- Local Food Guide
- 'I Love Local Food Peterborough' designation and Downtown Culinary Hub
- Transition Neighbourhoods Project
- Electric City Vehicle Meet (at the Purple Onion Festival)
- Greenzine (TTP's quarterly magazine)

In short, we are a platform for people like you to share ideas, knowledge and passion.

Help us create a community rooted in environmental and economic resiliency... a place where the essentials of life (food, water, energy, culture and wellness) can adapt and thrive – even with climate change.

Join Us!


  1. Stuart Butts

    I am Sympatico with your outlook but had not heard of you.
    I am a Trent grad from early on ( 1965) and am trying to make an impact on the broader Trent community ( Peterborough, Durham, Northumberland, Kawartha Lakes and Halliburton. Counties )
    Trent is considering establishing a Centre for Regenerative Agriculture. We are seeking collaboration with existing initiatives/structures Who can I talk to about sharing our energies ?
    Stuart Butts

    1. Fred Irwin

      Hi Stuart This is a year late..as the founding Director of TTP and author of NOW IS THE TIME i would like to talk to you about the CEntre For Regenerative Agriculture but

  2. Alexandra


    I was wondering how do you fund yourself? I read that it is trough advertisement. Could you contact me with some more information. I am working on something similar and am looking for ways to fund.

  3. Connie Frey

    Please let me know where to sign up for volunteering for clean-up crew at the Purple Onion Festival.

  4. Connie Frey

    How are you signing up volunteers for the PoF? Is there a contact number or email (which I missed) on this site? I’m interested in cleanup crew.

  5. Emily Lock

    Hello i was wondering if i could volunteer i need hours for highschool and i thought this would be a great opportunity to get them! Please email me with more details!

    1. Bill Eekhof

      Thanks for your interest in wanting to volunteer at the Dandelion Day Festival. I’d encourage you to be in touch with the main organizer, Andrea Connell, at connellandrea@gmail.com

      Transition Town Ptbo

  6. Catie (Event Coordinator)

    Hi, Healthy Planet would love to vend at this event! If you could please send more info on how to get set up would be much appreciated.

    1. Bill Eekhof

      Apologies for the delay in responding. We do have a vendor Registration form on our website for Dandelion Festival on May 26. Here is a link to the page:

  7. Marc Bilz

    just wondering if Dandelion Day is a go this year. Our group would be interested in setting up a display area. We have attended the Purple Onion Festival in the past. Please send me information. Thanks very much.

    1. Bill Eekhof

      since apologies for the delay in responding. Dandelion Day is a go on May 27. Please email connellandrea@gmail.com for info about setting up displays.

  8. Kortney Dunsby


    I am trying to contact someone from Transition Town Peterborough (I have been in contact with Andrea and Guy), regarding the NeighbourPLAN project at GreenUP. We are hosting a partner meeting we would like to invite you to, on Tuesday February 12th at 1-3PM at the Peterborough Public Library.

    For more information, Please contact me at P: 705-745-3238 ext 206


  9. Dana Turnham

    I was wondering how/where to answer Patricia Remy’s question (“Agency and Communion”). Is there no “letters to the editor” page because no one writes, or because you don’t want one. Just curious.

  10. Dana Turnham

    These comments are to Cheryl Lyon: I loved the two articles in the latest issue, and would like to make a suggestion, I can may. The questions for municipal councils are very relevant and I wondered if there are any plans to discuss them with our own council. Now, with a much more enlightened mayor, I feel there is hope. I am sending her the article about making our streets more walkable with a suggestion for partnership with DBIA. Questions raised in your article go just that little bit further and I wholeheartedly hope will be brought to her attention also. Thanks for writing that article.

    “People, get ready” is very specific, which is what is needed. We’ve had warnings for several decades which were too vague with no ideas how to combat the global temperature rise. I would like to suggest that Transition perhaps works with locally respected people who are NOT known to be activists, because their voices are easily disregarded by the deniers. So, if you could find people who would be listened to by those pesky deniers and inspire them to speak out along the lines of this article, that may be noted by the deniers. This is not my idea, but I like it, and think that it might work.

    1. Cheryl Lyon

      Dear Dana,
      Like so many non-profit, volunteer citizen-driven groups today, Transition Town Ptbo struggles with a shortage of volunteers. Hence my delay in replying to your message here.
      RE: no Letters to the Editor – the cost of publishing the Greenzine is borne entirely by the ads we can sell so they get laid out first then the articles are put in. The number of pages depends on the number of ads sold. Since space is at such a premium and sometimes unpredictable, we decided not to have Letters to the Editor and opted instead for the “info@” address for correspondence like yours. I hope this answer your question.

      RE: “The questions for municipal councils are very relevant and I wondered if there are any plans to discuss them with our own council.” Yes, in brief. We have presented Transition ideas many time over the past 10 years. TTP volunteers sit on civic committees and Work Groups that feed into municipal decision making,Councillors regularly get the Greenzine and more inputs are planned for the 2020 Budget. You are so right to note the importance of municipal govt.
      RE: “locally respected people who are NOT known to be activists, because their voices are easily disregarded by the deniers. So, if you could find people who would be listened to” – woudl you happen to be one of those people? Would you be interested in getting involved in TTP in some way? Just contact me.

  11. David Impey

    Hi Can someone please get in touch regarding the 2019 Purple Onion Festival , would like further info regarding the live entertainment
    Thank you

  12. Chris Lawson

    Hello Transition Town! This may not be of direct interest to your organization, but as an active and admirable member of the Peterborough community I thought you might be at least curious.

    Please consider running our press release for our choose your own adventure novel set in Downtown Peterborough.

    Interactive Novel about Downtown Peterborough Seeks Print Run

    December 16 2018, Peterborough


    The authors of a satirical Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style novel about the surreal adventures of Peterborough’s Downtown Ambassadors have launched a crowdfunding campaign to print and distribute physical copies.

    The book is titled “You Are a Downtown Ambassador”. Em Minthorn, Chris Lawson and David Fry are local writers, DJs, musicians, event organizers, and performers. Together, they have authored the interactive, branching narrative book based on the controversial Downtown Ambassador pilot program of 2017. The trio have presented the book as a live performance in front of a participating audience as well as over the air through the facilities of Trent Radio. Now they hope to share their work to a wider audience by printing the book and touring literary and gaming events.

    The Kickstarter is live and has already reached the minimum goal. The more money raised, the more copies they can print, events they can attend, and money they can give to a cover artist, all to spread their biting love of Peterborough’s downtown. The campaign ends on Dec 31 2018.

    QUOTES (all by Chris Lawson)

    The book draws from historical facts, lived experience and pure fantasy to paint an off-kilter portrait of a city with many problems but deserving of love.

    Crowdfunding is a great way to include the community that inspired us to create and perform this work. Peterborough is fiercely supportive of the efforts of its residents and we’ve definitely benefited from the culture of the city.

    The DBIA (Downtown Business Improvement Area) does good work, but the Ambassador project was a really divisive issue at the time. This book is our way to poke fun, let off some steam, and explore what we think about life in the biggest small town in Ontario.


    Kickstarter price per book is $15 plus shipping; pick up or drop off available for Peterborough residents.

    Campaign ends on December 31 at 7:42 pm.


    Em Minthorn, Chris Lawson and David Fry are artists and laborers living in Peterborough Ontario.


    Chris Lawson and Em Minthorn



    Campaign Link



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