Remembering the Garden: Seeding Peterborough’s Community Medicine Garden – March 2020

“I was standing ankle-deep in the cold, wet mud when it hit me. As the slick, soft earth seeped between my toes, my senses heightened in anticipation and absolute presence. Every cell of my body said, ‘Pay attention to this’…” (click here to read full blog post)

Resiliency Imperative and 4 E’s Framework for a More Resilient Peterborough – Feb. 3, 2020

“How we can bring Peterborough city and council councils, locally-owned businesses and farming enterprises…, not-for-profit organizations, citizen-led groups and citizens at large together on an integrated framework to help us become more resilient by 2030. This is the Resiliency Imperative…” (click here to read full blog post)

The Ecological Mind: Meditation on a Blue Jay – Jan. 7, 2020

“During a lengthy stay in Newfoundland’s southwest coast, I was privileged to be part of a conversation that included a fisherman… While we talked, a blue jay landed on a post close by….” (click here to read full blog post)

Chair’s Report – Dec. 6, 2019

“A Chair’s job at an Annual General Meeting is to reflect on our past year together and to look at key changes that may affect us as an organization – insofar as anyone in these unpredictable times can see into the future! Reflecting on our past year, I invite us, for just a moment now, to note that Transition Town Peterborough (TTP) is entering a 2nd decade (!) of its unique offering to climate adaptation responses, namely, Economic Localization…”(click here to read full blog post)