Local Food Month

It’s time to enjoy a taste of home! September is Local Food Month!

Access our 2019 Local Food Guide — included in the 3rd Quarter 2019 Greenzine. The Guide starts on Page 13.
Local Food Month

Local Food Month — as proclaimed by both Peterborough County and City — is your opportunity to discover the abundant and diverse selection of local food and farms that contribute so much to the culture and economy of this area!

Eating locally has many benefits, such as:
• Creating a more sustainable, resilient economy in Peterborough.
• Keeping money circulating in our community and helping to create a secure food future for ourselves.
• Reducing the carbon footprint by opting for food that is close to home, rather than shipped thousands of miles.

Transition Town Peterborough is excited to promote Local Food Month. We encourage you to enjoy a taste of home by supporting local farmers and growers in our community. Unsure of how or where to start? Whet your appetite for eating local by considering these ideas:

Tip #1 – Read all about Local Food Month in our special section in the latest Greenzine magazine. Click on the link at the top of this page.
Tip #2Paint the town purple by attending the Purple Onion Festival on Sept. 22, 2019 at Millennium Park in downtown Peterborough. The event celebrates local food and culture… and features local farmers/growers and the always delicious Taste of the Kawarthas Tent.
Tip #3To market, to market… At this time of year, locally-grown food is full to overflowing at farmers’ markets and farm gates. Be sure to stop by and enjoy.

Tip #4Lend currency to eating local by discovering the Kawartha Loon. The local currency is accepted at hundreds of local farms and businesses and helps keep money circulating in the Peterborough region.
Tip #5See what’s in season. Foodland Ontario can help you find produce and vegetables that are available any time of year.
Tip #6 Discover Kawartha Choice, a great source for fresh, nutritious agricultural products grown and produced in the Kawarthas.

Tip #7Buy a ‘steak’ in a local farm herd. Many local farmers sell their meat directly to customers, so check out what’s on offer
Tip #8Go out for dinner, but still enjoy home cooking. Choose a local restaurant that sources food from local farmers and producers.
Tip #9Map what you eat. An ideal family or school project, use a map to plot where the food you eat in a day – or week – comes from. Your goal is to try and see how close to Peterborough you can come in your food selection.

Tip #10An apple a day… visit a local apple orchard. It’s a great family outing and you can literally have the pick of the crop – right off the tree.
Tip #11Share and share alike. If you have extra produce from your garden, consider donating the surplus stock to a local shelter, food bank or student nutrition program.
Tip #12Aim to eat at least one local meal per week. Plan and prepare meals around what is in season. Unlock Food has ideas and resources on how to do this.