Economic Localization: A Strategic Framework is Transition Town Peterborough’s contribu-tion to community efforts to adapt and thrive in the face of changes to climate, the econo-my, and resource availability (especially fossil fuels.) The Framework addresses the pro-duction and distribution of basic life essentials for all citizens from local sources. These es-sentials – water, food, energy, health and culture – are the foundation of any enduring community economy.

Part A describes the why and what of economic localization in terms of community resili-ence. The concept “resilience” is also defined in this section.

Part B describes the all-important “how” to achieve a healthy local economic infrastructure starting with changes of perspectives about the economy, money and currency, and about localizing production and purchasing and about securing wealth locally.

Part C describes the “building blocks” of economic localization on the practical level:
i. a local currency (called the Kawartha Loon)
ii. an exchange (or marketing) network
iii. a public trust for community investment in energy, the environment and local eco-nomic development, and
iv. neighbourhood-level initiatives called “Transition Streets.”
Part D describes benefits of economic localization.
Part E offers a way of measuring how successful the economic localization process is in achieving community resilience.

The Strategic Framework builds upon and deepens the far-ranging resources and ideas for action of the Community Sustainability Plan 2012.
The proposed time frame of this economic localization initiative is twenty years (2013 -2033.) A public consultation in June 2012 helped to inform and shape the Framework.
APPENDICES contain additional supporting material for further understanding.
Limitations of this document: The Economic Localization Strategic Framework is not a document for scientific or economic journals or professional instruction but for general readership. It is a volunteer citizen effort that focuses mainly on the economic and leaves political considerations to others.

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