ResilientPTBO 2030

ResilientPTBO 2030: Let’s Plant a Tree and See It Grow…

Transition Town Peterborough (TTP) is pleased launch ResilientPTBO 2030!

It’s an initiative led by citizens like you to secure the health and economic welfare of the community as a whole in Peterborough City and County and neighbouring First Nations communities. With the advancing and very observable effects of the climate crisis, it’s time now to adapt and build both personal and community resilience.

What is ResilientPTBO 2030?
We want to create a thriving, resilient community in the face of climate change. To do this, ResilientPTBO 2030 will tackle three areas: a focused energy-descent program, a thriving local economy, and an abundant local food system. Under the ResilientPTBO 2030 banner, we will design and implement the following:

Transition Neighbourhoods Project:
• It creates neighbour-to-neighbour relationships
• Builds networks of working groups throughout our region
• Empowers people to create long-term environmental and social change
• Helps people realize significant savings on their household energy bills

Digital or Electronic Kawartha Loon (eKL)
• Currently in the planning phase, the eKL will complement the paper version of the local Kawartha Loon currency
• The eKL will allow the Kawartha Loon to become a more broadly accepted ‘loyalty program’ that people can more easily use at locally-owned businesses and farming enterprises
• The eKL is the first piece of the economic infrastructure needed to help the broader community become more resilient through economic localization

50% LocalFood 2030
• Did You Know: Currently 95% of our food is imported!
• The intent and plan here is to shift 50% of our food purchases to local sources by 2030
• We will start with an economic impact analysis of increasing our local food purchases. Then we’ll work out what infrastructure (both economic and physical) is needed to support this initiative. It promises to be an economic driver, jobs generator and resiliency builder for our community!

Join us in planting the seeds for ResilientPTBO 2030. By nourishing and helping this tree grow, we can make it stronger and broader to give us cover! That cover will build both personal and community resilience against the worst effects of catastrophic climate change AND lead to a more vibrant, prosperous community.

Get involved! Email for details.